At a glance!

Anders Björkland
  • Name is Anders
  • I love designing and building websites
  • I am enthusiastic about code, design and foot race

What's the deal

I’m a developer with skills covering web design, design implementation, and server-side development. But this is just a small piece of web development. A successful website communicates with its target audience, is genuine to its brand and offers a fluid experience – be it mobile friendly or accessible. I focus on giving you the website that best serves your, and your target audience’s needs.

Who is Anders?

I’m a creator and coder. Web Development is a field where design and code overlap. There is ever new horizons to discover. Saying that code is my passion is entirely to the point. Doing a business out of this passion was obvious once the idea was introduced.

Cheat sheet

  • First experienced coding on Amiga 500 where I made a simple shoot ‘em up with Easy Amos
  • An inspiring book is The Real Happy Pill: Power Up Your Brain by Moving Your Body by Anders Hansen
  • I usually listen to synthwave while coding
  • Music that brings me joy is Andrew W.K:s album You’re not alone
  • I'm always up for a run