What a fortnight

What a fortnight

Fourteen days since I launched my personal site with Symfony, but ghosts of the past still haunts me. I still see pings towards old WordPress-endpoints of known security issues. I have even seen pings towards the .env-file.

For anyone not familiar with the purpose of a .env-file, it is often used to set up environmental variables in a development environment, but can also be found in a production setting. The variables can hold credentials for databases and paths to important files. It’s therefore important to either set up real environmental variables on the server or cordon off the .env-file.

I see old paths to some article that I wrote in WordPress show up in Google, but I no longer support them. Of course, there are a ton of articles that I have written in WordPress that I no longer host, but maybe I will bring them back someday. That's another ghost.

What have I done in a fortnight though? The free time that I got was divided between running and programming. I have taken huge steps forward in my running this past month. I can run longer at a faster pace, which is great! In programming I have built a calculator and a Pomodoro timer as the last couple of projects for freeCodeCamp’s Front End Libraries Certification. I have focused on using React Redux so that I learn the correct Syntax and use cases.

I have also gotten the Beginner JavaScript-course by Wes Bos. As a fan of SyntaxFM it feels nice to be guided by a familiar voice through the intricacies of JavaScript. I will follow along in this course for a while before learning some data visualization back at freeCodeCamp.

Lastly I have found Affinity Design. It is a nice, but a bit complex, tool for graphic design. I have used it a couple of times already. First to make this nice “flat-Einstein” that you can see up top, and then to make a mock up for my Pomodoro timer. To the surprise of no-one I am expecting the complexity of the tool will wither away the more I get to use it. If you follow me on Twitter I will share some of my works there.

Take care out there till next we meet.