Friday Review: Week 44

Friday Review: Week 44

This week has seen me digging in with a CMS and also doing more Java.

I’ve been doing PHP for a while now, but not really learned any CMS. The most popular of them all is WordPress. I’ve got the right background to learn me this particular CMS since it’s built with PHP. So now I’m dedicated to learn how to build themes with PHP and using a course from Udemy to help me along: “Become a WordPress developer” by Brad Schiff.

This first week with WordPress I’ve learned about The Loop. I even wrote about it in my previous blog post. More over, I've been fascinated about how CSS can be used for providing meta-data. It's a remnant from the "before times", before YAML that is. What I found to be so odd was that it broke the Single Responsibility principle, but it gets the job done. This week has also gotten me a bit flummoxed about custom queries as well as how to set up webpack. These are apparently subjects for later blog posts!

I'm having fun learning and I see how WordPress can make a lot of things easy for web developers!

This has been the last week of the Java course that I've been doing. With this in mind you might be surprised to hear that I've done a Java assignment and a take home exam while also having had time to spare for WordPress.

The assignment was straightforward. I leveraged inheritance and polymorphism and utilised Swing to build a GUI. This set me up alright for writing the exam. The exam covered the basics of Java: data types, flow control, OOP, exceptions, and IO streams. There was also a section about Swing. So having done the assignment meant that all these subjects were fresh in mind.

It's been quite a productive week so I'm now looking forward to this weekend. Have a nice one and see you on Wednesday!