Friday Review: Week 45

Friday Review: Week 45

Another week has gone by and it's Friday again. I have had less time coding as more time has been spent reading about business processes. Despite this, some progress has been made with WordPress.

I've continued on with the Udemy course which covers how to build WordPress themes. But I've reached a point where I want to incorporate what I've learnt so far in a project of my own. A bonus of this is that I get to push my code to GitHub and show that I'm actively coding.

My WordPress project is building this website ( with WordPress. Currently this site is powered by Symfony components that I've hacked together. It does its job, but the admin experience could be improved. I'll see how I like the result in the end. It won't be a carbon copy of the current style but the core elements will remain. I'm looking to change the overall theme to emphasise professionalism over playfulness, without dropping the playfulness completely.

My experience building a custom theme so far is mixed. I would like to have template partials put in a folder such as 'partials'. I would have a header partial stored there as '_header.php', and vice versa for a footer partial. But using the WordPress function get_header() to import a header partial requires the file to be stored as 'header.php' directly in the theme-folder. The theme folder becomes cluttered with all the files having to be stored there. There will only be more and more files stored in the theme folder as more pages or archives are having a custom presentation. An about page for example will have to be named 'page-about.php' and stored in that folder. Currently I don't have that many files, but it's something that will keep on growing. I expect to learn that there is a way to better organise the files as I continue to learn more about WordPress.

I've also started to learn using BEM for CSS (Sass). I'm building all my styles in Sass, and Sass-partials. I'm finally taking control over the bloating a lot of my stylesheets usually experience as a project keeps growing. It's not unusual that I get to fight with styles that was applied for a different component than what I'm currently dealing with. I hope to get away from this by using BEM. It's however a bit cumbersome to go into the WordPress editor to insert custom CSS for elements so that they follow BEM. It's easier to just use it for the things that I code myself.

All in all, I'm having a great time learning WordPress - despite any frustrations that I might have!

Business Processes
So I've started to learn about Business Processes. This is a course I'm doing half-paced at Mid-Sweden University. It's actually incorporated under the umbrella of Computer Science, and I see how it could be useful for developers that want to go into senior developer roles or freelance. I hope to learn a lot about processes and how to improve upon them. I've written a post about this: "Process Analysis". I write about why companies could benefit from focusing on their processes rather than their organisational structures.

The reasoning of focusing on processes is to bring clarity to how we satisfy our customers' needs. By doing this a company will be vigilant for any excess costs or time-consuming tasks that don't create value for the customer. In many ways, the way companies work with their processes are how they distinguish themselves from their competition.

I'll be back for more on processes as I keep learning. This was all for the week 45! Have a nice Friday, and I hope your weekend will be excellent!