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Deploy a Symfony application with Deployer

We will deploy a Symfony application with the PHP deployment tool Deployer to a shared hosting service. Read this article to see how.

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Uploading images in text editor for Easy Admin 3

If you are using Symfony framework and have just discovered Easy Admin, you might have been blown away by how easy it is to set up an admin inter [...]

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Case Study: Hum - Policies made easy

Hum is a civics web app that gives a glimpse on the policy processes in Sweden. On Friday October 16 2020 the app went live. In the wake of its l [...]

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A quick guide to API Platform on Symfony

Today we're going to build a simple API with the help of the PHP framework Symfony and the wonderful tool API Platform.

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What a fortnight

Fourteen days since I launched my personal site with Symfony, but ghosts of the past still haunts me. I still see pings towards old WordPress-endpoint [...]

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Redoing the backend

I remade my domain site by getting rid of WordPress and implementing a backend powered by Symfony in conjunction with Doctrine.

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